A General Overview on Public Opinion Research

The traditional public opinion research methods, which are in-person and telephone surveys, can no longer provide a sufficient answer to the rapid changes in today’s world. The usage of these methods costs a lot both financially and timewise. 

Public opinion research can be about brand recognition, measuring the product’s performance, determining the spots that need to be enhanced, academic issues, measuring the social dynamics, and many other subjects. However, the necessary elements of the research never change. These elements are data quality, a good analysis of the results, staying within the budget without sacrificing quality, and reaching the results in the shortest time. All of these are extremely important to us. In our works, we help you reach the quality data faster than the traditional methods.


Research Services We Provide

We conduct our research completely on the internet. We conduct research on our internet-based platform that works with software developed by us. We mainly focus on collecting data from target groups defined by customer. That being said, we can help you with other parts of the research in case you need support.


We can group the public opinion research services we provide under two main headings:

  • Member based research
  • Customer provided list research


Member-based research: You give us the criteria for the people who can participate in your research. We can target people for each specific research among the members of our online panel. Only people who meet the criteria can participate in the study. 

Important points you need to know about our platform and our members:

  • Member verification: In order to prevent people from registering more than once, we apply several control mechanisms. Thanks to these mechanisms, each member represents a real and unique person. 
  • Turkey-wide membership* base: Our members are from all around Turkey. The number of members is increasing faster day by day. Thanks to our careful planning, diversity of our members is our core strength.
  • Automatic and manual checksThe responses given by the participants are passed through a series of automatic and manual checks. In this way, the consistency and reliability of the given responses are guaranteed.


Customer provided list research: It is the method used when you need to determine who will participate in your research on an individual basis. In this method, you choose the participants entirely. We create an access link to the research specifically for each of these participants. These links are accessed by the relevant people and their participation is ensured. We carry out your research by protecting the confidentiality of all the answers given by the participants individually and by ensuring that only the designated people participate once. 

This research method provides an ideal solution for cases such as an employee satisfaction survey. In this kind of survey, the confidentiality of people participating in the survey is protected and the results are reported to the company anonymously.

We offer the best solutions if your research needs to be done only with individuals you have determined on a person-by-person basis for different reasons. Since we developed the panel ourselves, our flexible structure allows you to get all the tools you need.

Please contact us for research types, detailed information, public opinion research, and market research.


The Advantages of Working with Us

With the online panel we crafted in-house, we create high value for organizations by improving every stage of the process of conducting public opinion research. We can briefly list the advantages as follows:

Efficiency: By bringing you together with the people at the center of your research via our online panel, we deliver the data in the right place and time. Thus, you can take every step without guesswork, and you can continue on your way without deviating from your goals. 

Productivity: Every stage of our system has been created to use your time and budget at the most appropriate level. In this way, you can make good use of your time and use your financial resources better. We ensure that the costs are reduced by an average of 50% compared to traditional research methods. In addition, there is no need to spend time to reach people who are suitable for the research. As the profiles of the online panel members are already known, it is only a matter of time to reach the right people.

Quality: Our members participate in public opinion research when they are really ready, thanks to the flexible timing provided for them and not being dependent on the location. People who come with a desire to participate in a research can concentrate on the questions much better. Their answers, on the other hand, are better thought out and reflect the truth. Furthermore, we ensure that you reach the best quality data that will guide your research correctly by making additional checks necessary to increase the accuracy of the answers. In addition to these, since the answers to the questions are automatically recorded by the system, human errors during data entry are completely eliminated. One of the most important features in ensuring quality is that the platform is designed as a completely transparent and auditable.

Consulting: While preparing your research, we provide consultancy when necessary, so that you determine the right points to focus on.

Accessibility: It is now much easier to reach everyone whose thoughts you want to know. With the online panel, we eliminated the concept of time and location. Thus, our members can participate in research about them by reaching our system when and where it is convenient for them.

Case-Specific Approach: With the understanding and awareness that each organization has its own unique situation, we determine the most appropriate approaches for you and ensure that you get the most appropriate results. By understanding your special situation, we offer you suitable solutions at every stage of the process we work with.


Examples From Our Public Opinion Research Projects

As an example, you can check out our previous work. Some of the public opinion research we have conducted:

  1. The referendum on 12 September 2010
  2. Smoking and new legal regulations
  3. Swine Flu and Hepatitis B


In addition to these researches, If you are interested, these are our other works that you can contact us and reach the results:

  1. Consumption habits of milk and dairy products.
  2. Use of textile products.
  3. Career planning and employment.
  4. E-commerce in Turkey.


To Conduct Public Opinion Research

When you use our service, you will benefit from many of the advantages we have mentioned above. You can always be one step ahead of your competitors by strengthening your communication with your target audience. It will be a great pleasure for us to tell you how we can help and add value to your work. We want to work as a team to help you achieve your target results.

For more detailed information about our public opinion research service, please contact us.