Nedim Barut

He is a graduate of Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering Department in Istanbul, Turkey. He specialized in software.

He worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the System and Process Audit department in Istanbul, Turkey. During this period, he gained experience in IT-related projects (such as COBIT) and processes, risk analysis, and best practices in different departments of companies in various sectors.

He continued his career with a Marketing focused MBA education at the University of Iowa. He was selected as the 3rd in the competition in the field of Marketing organized by the University of Rochester among MBA programs throughout the USA. During his school life, he worked in the field of e-marketing at Orbitz, one of America’s largest internet-based travel agencies, in Chicago, USA.

He continued his working life at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, USA. During his studies there, he increased his experience in the software development process. In addition, he played a crucial role in the planning and development of the product he worked on with the projects he made in the field of marketing.

He founded NG (Next Generation) Research to realize his knowledge and experiences in his work and education life with internet projects in Turkey.


Gökhan Örün

He is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University Computer Engineering department in Istanbul, Turkey. He specialized in Software and Data Management.

He has specialized in Java and Microsoft .NET software technologies, Data Warehouse, CRM, and Business Intelligence within the scope of IT projects he took part in Information Technologies at Fortis Bank, Turkey (now TEB bank).

He continued his career in Pegasus Airlines, Information Technologies. He launched the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Data Warehouse project for Pegasus Airlines. He has implemented the SAP Business Objects Reporting Platform for the reporting needs of Human Resources, Finance, and Marketing departments.

He has successfully carried out the projects in which he is responsible for its management and implementation and has made significant contributions to the companies he works with.

He took part in the foundation of Next Generation (NG) Research to apply his knowledge and experience in business life with high value-added internet projects. Later, he decided to start a new adventure. He focused on mobile applications and launched 3 successful app that have been successful and popular within targeted consumer groups.